About Our

Oil Company

  • Our LUBOILMANN factory related to Luboilmann Lubricants, is equipped with an extremely high-tech machine track, fully automated production process and the most up-to-date test facilities. The factory is currently one of the most modern facilities producing at European standards.

Technical Consultancy

Our customers improve their businesses in terms of the more beneficial operation of their equipment, reducing oil consumption and maintenance costs.


Our customers achieve preventive and predictive maintenance goals, minimize oil-related problems and troubles, prevent oil losses and reduce oil consumption.

Lubrication Guides

For the most appropriate oil selection, it is necessary to have information about the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer and operating conditions of the equipment of the oil being used.


Our Mission

  • Our main goal is to be the best in our quality, service, supplying sources and dealer relationships in our entire product portfolio and to protect this image we have.
  • Our priority is to create permanent values for our customers and to respond to their expectations with quality and continuity.
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