Automatic Transmission Oil


DEXRON S2 ATF It is an automatic transmission oil obtained by blending very well refined paraffinic base oils with modern additive combinations. It is used safely in passenger cars, steering gears of heavy vehicles, automatic transmissions and transmissions.


Viskosity Class:


  • It has a longer life thanks to its high oxidation resistance.

  • Increases wear resistance of automatic transmission parts.

  • Prevents rust, corrosion and foam formation.

  • Thanks to its high viscosity index, it minimizes friction in a wide operating temperature range.

  • By distributing the heat very well, it provides lossless and trouble-free operation in automatic transmissions.

  • Compatible with all sealing elements.

Approvals and Specifications Meet

Dexron IID Allison C-4
Caterpillar TO-2 Hägglunds Denison HF-O
GM Dexron IID
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