A New Generation of High-Performance Oil Technology


LONGLIFE GTX 5W-30 is a synthetic product manufactured with a new generation of high-performance oil technology to meet the specifications of modern engines from vehicle manufacturers such as VW, BMW and Mercedes Benz. It has been specially developed to ensure trouble-free and long-term engine performance with extended oil change periods. It provides superior protection thanks to its special formulation.


Viscosity Class: SAE 5W-30


  • Especially necessary for modern engines thanks to its high lubrication feature, it increases and protects the power of the engine by reducing internal engine friction.

  • It provides unique and superior durability during long oil change periods.

  • It meets the advanced standards of modern vehicle manufacturers based on high performance.

  • It provides superior protection on unique engine parts in harsh conditions where high temperatures are reached.

  • Thanks to the new generation of high-performance oil technology, it shows much superior performance compared to ordinary oils.

Approvals and Specifications Meet

API SN VW 502.00/505.00/505.01
ACEA A5/B5-16 GM dexos 2
ACEA C5-16 BMW Longlife-04
ACEA C3-16 Porsche
ACEA C2-16 Jaguar Land Rover ST
MB 229.52 JLR.03.5004
MB 229.31 FORD WSS-M2C948-B
MB 229.51 Volvo Car VCC RBS0-2AE
PSA Peugeot Citroen B712290
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