Next Generation Superior Performance Synthetic Transmission Fluid


DEXRON® S6 MERCON® LV, formulated with Smooth Drive Technology™, is designed for modern automatic transmissions. Its superior technology enables longer transmission life. Transmax DEXRON® S6 MERCON® LV is approved and licenced by GM and Ford for use in vehicles requiring their latest ATF specifications and also exceeds the requirements of the JASO-1A performance standard for use in most Asian automatic transmissions. Transmax DEXRON® S6 MERCON® LV, formulated with Smooth Drive Technology™, delivers enhanced protection and gives drivers a smoother drive for longer.


Viskosity Class:


  • Provides easy transition by minimizing friction.

  • It maintains its fluidity at low temperatures.

  • It maintains its performance for a long time even under heavy working conditions.

  • Compatible with sealing elements.

  • Prevents rust, corrosion and foam formation.

  • By distributing the heat very well, it provides lossless and trouble-free operation in automatic transmissions.

Approvals and Specifications Meet

Ford MERCON® LV, GMDEXRON® -VI Aisin Warner AW-1, AW-2, AML Oil No. G 055005 A1 / A2 / A6, ATF M1375.4, D3M, MA-1, SP, Bently Oil No. PY112995PA, BMW Oil No. 8322 0142516, 83 22 2 3 55 599 (ATF6), 83 22 2 413 477 (ATF7), 83 22 2 289 720 (ATF3+), ETL 7045E , LA 2634, LT 71141, Chrysler Oil No. 68157995AA, ATF+4, Daihatsu AMMIX ATF D-III Multi D3-SP, Elfmatic J6, Ford MERCON® ULV ATF MERCON SP, M2C924-A, M2C949-A, GM 1940767, GM DEXRON II, III, IIIH, Honda ATF Type 3.1 : 08263-999–01HE (EU), Honda/Acura DW 1/Z 1, Hyundai/Kia SP III, SP IV, SP IV M, SP IV RR, Oil No. 040000C905G, Isuzu, Red 1, Jaguar Oil No. 02JDE 26444, Fluid 8432, JASO 1A(03) JASO 1A LV(13) , JWS 3314, 3317, 3309, 3324 , Land Rover Oil No. LR023288, TYK500050, MB 236.10, 236.12, 236.14, 236.15, 236.17, Maserati Oil No. 231603, Mazda ATF M-III, M-V, FZ, Mitsubishi SP II, IIM, III, IV, PA, J3, Nissan Matic D, J, S, Petronas Tutela Transmission AS8, Subaru F6, Red 1, Suzuki AT Oil 5D06, 2384K, Toyota T III, T IV, WS, Volvo 1161540, VW / Audi G 052 990, TL52990, VW / Audi G 055 540, TL 55540, VW / Audi G 060 162, TL 60162, ZF Lifeguardfluid 6, ZF Lifeguardfluid 8, and the OFF ROAD application Volvo 97342 (AT 102), Also Suitable for use in Porsche. 7 and 9 speed automatics from Mercedes Benz, and 8 and 9-speed automatics from Audi, BMW, Mini-Cooper, Jaguar, Peugeot/Citroen, Saab, Volvo, and VW .

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