Lithium Soap Molybdenum Grease


SOLIDOL MOLYBDENUM Grease is a friction and wear reducing lithium soap grease that performs very well in automotive and industrial applications. Compared to its performance, it is the most economical solution for commercial fleets, agricultural vehicles and tractors. Molybdenum in its content adds dry lubrication feature to the grease. Provides fast and effective lubrication in various application areas at low and medium operating temperatures.



  • It has high resistance to washing with water.

  • The molybdenum additive it contains, it shows excellent resistance to abrasion, high pressure and heat.

  • Its qualified formula, it increases the usage period and provides longer service intervals.

  • Molybdenum content, it protects the system perfectly in environments with high vibration.

  • It provides very good protection against rust and corrosion.

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