High Performance Automatic Transmission Fluid


DEXRON S3 ATF is a high performance synthetic automatic transmission oil obtained by blending very well refined synthetic based base oils and modern additive combinations. Developed for modern automatic transmissions. It can also be used in powershift transmissions, steering and hydraulic units.


Viskosity Class:


  • Thanks to its synthetic properties, it distributes the heat very well in a wide operating temperature range and provides lossless and trouble-free operation in automatic transmissions.

  • Thanks to the modern additive package it contains, it prevents rust, corrosion and foam formation.

  • Its high viscosity index perfectly provides the required performance in all conditions and minimizes friction.

  • Compatible with all sealing elements.

Approvals and Specifications Meet

Dexron IIIH M2C138-CJ
Dexron IIIG M2C166-H
Dexron IIIF MB 236.1
Ford Mercon ZF-TE-ML 09/11/14
Allison C-4 VOITH G.607
Allison TES 389 VOITH H 55.6336.41
Catterpillar TO-2 Power Steering Fluid
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