Fully Synthetic Superior Performance Oil Technology


OPTIMA 5W-20 is a high performance fully synthetic engine oil produced for use in gasoline and diesel engines by adding high performance additive combinations to high technology fully synthetic base oils. Thanks to its special formulation developed with synthetic technology, it shows superior performance in more difficult conditions than mineral oils and provides unmatched protection in all climates and road conditions.


Viscosity Class: SAE 5W-20


  • Thanks to the oil film it forms on the surfaces, it prevents engine wear due to friction even in the first moments of engine operation and increases engine performance.

  • It protects the engine against abrasions that may occur in difficult and high temperatures.

  • Thanks to its modern additive combinations, it provides effective cleaning and prevents engine power losses and provides maximum fuel savings.

  • Thanks to its fully synthetic structure and high resistance to oxidation, it extends oil change periods and offers a longer service life.

  • It ensures the continuity of engine power by reducing friction that causes power losses between engine parts.

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