4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

 MOTO 4T 20W-40

MOTO 4T 20W-40 It is a mineral-based oil produced with advanced technology that provides superior engine lubrication and protection under the toughest driving conditions for 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It also provides economy and performance in all air and water cooled motorcycles, including sports and race-replica models, single-double and multi-cylinder leaded and unleaded gasoline-powered motorcycles, as well as Japanese and European-made motorcycles.


Viskosity Class: SAE 20W-40


  • Thanks to its advanced formulation, it creates a strong protective film layer on the engine and gearbox.

  • It provides maximum and regular acceleration power in the engine.

  • • It is very stable against thermal changes thanks to its high viscosity index.
  • Provides excellent engine protection at low and high temperatures.
  • It ensures that oil consumption remains economical in a controlled manner even at high temperatures.
  • It provides high engine endurance and fuel economy by preventing all efficiency losses caused by frequent and serial use.

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