A New Generation of High- Performance Oil Technology


LONGLIFE 5W-40 is a synthetic-based engine oil produced with the perfect combination of synthetic base oils and advanced additive packages suitable for today’s technology.

Thanks to its superior technology, it provides unparalleled engine performance in all kinds of climatic and road conditions, especially in urban and continuous use. In addition, it contributes greatly to fuel economy with its special formula and therefore it is recommended to use 5W-40 oil especially in multijet engines as well as all recommended engines.


Viscosity Class: SAE 5W-40


  • Thanks to synthetic technology, it provides a unique engine performance and protection in all kinds of climatic and road conditions by constantly performing high performance.

  • Especially at the time of the first start-up, when the need for lubrication is highest in modern engines, it prevents friction-related wear due to the oil film it constantly forms on the surfaces.

  • Extends oil change periods with its unique resistance to oxidation.

  • It makes a positive contribution to fuel economy thanks to the high lubrication performance and engine cleaning features it provides.

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