Ready To Use Antifreeze


READY BLUE COOLANT is a ready-to-use mono ethylene glycol based antifreeze containing high quality additives, developed to be used in radiators of engine cooling systems in all seasons. With its special formulation, it prevents freezing in cold climates and delays the overheating of the cooling system fluid in hot climates. It provides optimum performance in all kinds of vehicles with its ideal formulation that is ready to use.



  • MANN READY USE COOLANT, formulated as “ready to use” to prevent dilution errors with water, and prevents the formation of electrolysis, ensures the long life of the cooling system and high performance operation.

  • It shows high performance in all kinds of climatic conditions.

  • Works in harmony with all sealing elements.

  • Does not damage engine metals and hoses.

Approvals and Specifications Meet

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