Lithium Complex Soap Grease


SOLIDOL EPX BLUE GRES has a special lithium complex structure produced with a new generation functional saponification technology. Functionalized Thickener – The soap structure is based on high quality base oils and contains oxidation inhibitors, corrosion and rust inhibitors, extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) additives specially developed for greases.


GC-LB approved grease (#1 grade only)

Exceeds GC-LB (#1 grade)


Functionalized Thickener-Soap plays an active role in improving lubrication and preventing corrosion, unlike other conventional greases. Thickener (Soap) basically.

It is in the structure to form a kind of oil crater for the oil and additives in the grease and to provide sealing.

In the Functionalized Thickener-Soap mode, the grease soap changes from the passive state to the active state, and the additives and lubricants in the grease structure have the highest duty. helps it to be done with efficiency.

With “Functionalized Thickener (Soap)”;

  • High thermal stability,
  • Uninterrupted oil film strength,
  • Resistance to water and corrosive chemicals,
  • Stable mechanical stability is ensured.
  • With the help of these features;
  • Bearing life is extended.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance is provided.
  • Grease consumption is saved.
  • Superior protection is provided against washing with water.
  • Maintenance and labor costs are reduced.
  • An increase in production efficiency is achieved.

Approvals and Specifications Meet

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