New Generation Fully Synthetic High Performance Oil Technology


OPTIMA 0W-20 It has been specially developed to meet the specification demands of vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan and Honda, with new generation fully synthetic oil technology for high performance engines. It is a superior product that provides long oil change periods. Along with the superior protection it provides in high performance engines, it provides significant fuel savings.


Viskozite Sınıfı: SAE 0W-20


  • Particularly necessary for modern engines

  • Thanks to its high lubricating feature, it increases and protects the power of the engine by reducing the friction in the engine.

  • It provides fuel economy as well as superior protection.

  • It meets the established standards of modern highperformance vehicles.

  • With its new generation fully synthetic oil technology, it provides much superior performance compared to mineral oils.

  • Thanks to its high fluidity, it has a much better cooling feature.

  • It provides unmatched performance in long oil change periods.

  • It has a unique protection feature to ensure the continuity of high engine performance.

Approvals and Specifications Meet

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